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Wonderful advice for new (or old) bloggers

I recently saw this post from John Saddington on how he would restart a blog if he was doing it in 2015. I was pretty stoked to read it and I wasn’t let down.

My two biggest takeaways were don’t waste your time with the ancillary stuff — just the meat, people. Just the meat. Here’s how he put it.

Consequently, you will have a natural desire to customize the look and the feel of your new blog and website because you want it to represent you. I want you to fight this impulse to the death, especially in the beginning.

Instead, this is what you do: Sign up for a new blog. Start writing.

Yes. Amen. All of the exclamations.

But then this part caught my eye as well. One of my reasons for starting this blog was because I want my kids to read it some day.

When you think about it, when you really think upon it, is there any greater activity, any greater responsibility that you might have as a human than to pass on the legacy (and learnings) via your experience to the rest of humanity? Perhaps, especially, to your own kin?

I want my kids to read about what I learned and hopefully teach them what to and what not to do waste their time on when it comes to life. This is the essence of focusing on the writing.