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What I like about discomfort

This is a sentence preview.

I was watching the Bachelorette last night with some friends[1. I say this without shame because I believe that by the time you read this the Bachelorette will be some sort of odd digital archaeological find that doesn’t have the stigma in whatever year you read this that it does in 2014. We good? Okay.] and the girl on the show, Andi, took her boy toy on a individual date where they — surprise! — scaled a large building and overcame their fears.

This happens every year on the Bachelor/Bachelorette (or so says my wife) and it’s a little contrived but something struck me as the pair was going down the building.

For as scripted and buttoned up as that show is, those moments of leaning over the edge of the building and that “oh sh**” feeling you get in your stomach as in “oh I think I just sh** my pants” elicit some pretty raw conversations.

There’s no time think about and plan out what you’re going to say. Whatever it is that fear does to us snaps off our filter for saying the right thing at the right time in the right social setting and we just start talking and revealing who we actually are.

Last night the conversation randomly turned to¬†Andi’s mom and her golf game and all sorts of stuff I still don’t care about, but it interested me for two reasons.

1. I want to put myself into situations with other people that scare me and make me say wacky things that reveal who I actually am. I want to do this because I want people to know who I actually am and I want to know who I actually am as well.

2. I want to make sure who I actually am — not the facade I put on for most folks — is something the Lord wants me to be.