Stuff I learned

What happens when you start unfollowing people

I started unfollowing a bunch of Twitter accounts this week  as part of my personal guide to Twitter. I realized following 500 accounts was ridiculous so I got it down below 400 and I’d like to ideally get it down to 200-250.

For some reason I feel bad about unfollowing folks but I think if I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t follow many of my friends or people I know. I’d rather spend real-life time with them than try to make our digital relationship thrive.

Something started happening when I began unfollowing accounts, though. My parameters were (loosely) “is this person or business smart or funny or can they provide me news I can’t get anywhere else?” If the answer was no to all of the above I hit unfollow.

What I started realizing, though, is that a lot of times I’m not smart or funny and a lot of times I don’t provide interesting news about the topics I cover. My feed is just kind of dumb sometimes.

In unfollowing a ton of accounts I came to the conclusion that I need to be somebody who other people, if they used my parameters for following/unfollowing, wouldn’t want to unfollow.