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What blogging is actually like

I always struggle to explain to people what this thing called blogging actually is. It usually feels like I’m a tween trying to show adults my online journal and they roll their eyes and go back to their real jobs and I always feel pretty silly.

But a good metaphor finally descended upon me (or at least, I think it’s good) and I wanted to share it.

Blogging is like feeding a baby.

My seven-month-old child could conceivably figure out a way to feed himself, undoubtedly, but his resources are limited and he largely relies on me (okay, mostly his mother) for nourishment.

We must gather the food and divvy it up and ultimately stick it in his mouth — both for his enjoyment and well-being.

We are the bloggers in this scenario, he is our audience.

We (and he) have access to all of the food in the world but because he is limited in his resources (both time and skill) we must choose something we think is good for him and break it down into bite-sized portions for him to consume.

Does that sound familiar?

It gets better, though. Sometimes we pick two or three foods and connect (or combine) them and feed those to him. Those are his favorites. His nose twitches at the intrigue and he is satisfied.

It is a simple process for him but sometimes complex for us. Should we give him the organic or the non-organic? Should we make it ourselves and spend a ton of time building these foods or do we take the simple way out. In the end all he knows is what the final product is.

We have done our job.

He is fed. He’ll be back for more tomorrow.