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Using one quote as a gateway

I’m currently writing about the 2014 US Open for CBS Sports. It’s fun. It’s too much fun.

But as I’m writing this week I’m trying to cull essentially all golf news on the Internet into what I think folks who read CBS Sports want to read. That’s difficult. You read a lot more than you write.

There are gateways, though. And I think this cuts into the heart of blogging. You want to take a bunch of information that’s uniquely similar and connect it and then present it to folks.

So for me I’m trying to show folks how the course they’re playing the US Open at this week has changed over time.

That can be sort of boring so I have to look for a gateway quote. I found it here.

Okay, now that’s an interesting quote. And I use it to lead to the two redesigners talking about why they did what they did and end with another funny quote that doesn’t do much on its own. Here’s a look at the end result.

All of this is intuitive if you’ve been blogging for a while. I rarely even realize I’m doing it. I file away a bunch of information then unload it when I have the opportunity.

Sometimes I never get the chance but when I do, it’s music to me. It’s blogging at its best. Not because of me but because there’s so much information in our world to connect.