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Two Great By the Book Excerpts from Michelle Obama and Ben Sasse

I usually binge read By the Book articles by NYT when I come across one, and I always find either 1. Tasty little morsels in the idea department or 2. (at worst) 2-3 new book recommendations.

First, Obama on what she likes to read.

I love books that make me laugh every now and then. It’s something I hoped to do with my memoir, “Becoming,” because even if a book takes on serious topics, I think it should still be fun to read. [NYT]


Now Sasse on why every family should have their own canon of books.

So I want to be clear that I don’t think our “family canon” is the only canon for every American family, but I do strongly believe that every American family should be developing their own canon of books they read together and repeatedly — and moreover that we should be comparing our lists with those of our neighbors and fellow citizens, so that we might enrich one another. [NYT]