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Three things I read today

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Something new on here I’m calling “three things I read today” which will me a (probably) strange amalgamation of my interests in sports, reformed theology and syntax.


Vox has 15 short posts on everything you should know about the Michael Brown shooting. I felt completely uninformed about it all so I went there and I feel a few standard deviations better. (Vox)

Why Tyron Smith has had to say “no” to his family. Really great read on money and fame. This paragraph is insane:

And all those people who toiled alongside, those who believed in him and sheltered him and sacrificed for him? They’ll also come along, for he’s the sin-eater, absorbing all debts — moral and financial — so others can be absolved. And his people will never go hungry again. (ESPN)

This podcast breaking down Serial is absolutely tremendous. I am cut from the “we must discuss this thing that just happened in great detail or a tree didn’t actually fall in the woods” cloth so I’m really loving it. (Slate)