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The Word > The Human

This post made me realize how much confidence we (I) find in what other humans provide us rather than in what only the Lord can deliver. We as humans are vessels, no doubt, but true power and true life-changing transformation is only engendered from one place. And it’s not us.

The fact is, an orphan can teach how to care for aging parents. An unmarried man can teach on marriage. A childless woman can teach on parenting. A poor man can teach about the temptations that come with being rich. God’s Word speaks to every one of these issues and authority in these matters does not flow from experience but from Scripture.

Any Christian can teach these things confidently and powerfully because the confidence and power come not through experience or accolades, but from the source. The job of the teacher is not first to speak of or out of his experiences, but to speak of and out of the Word. [Challies]