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The value of 54,750 minutes

I think people seriously underestimate what 15 minutes a day for 10 years will do versus 10 hours a day for a year. If you do little bits and pieces every day, after a while, you have this body of work.

Austin Kleon to 99u

That’s 54,750 minutes vs. 21,900 minutes and it’s incredibly important. I also liked what Kleon said about creating a daily ritual that is a launching pad of sorts into other work:

I think that’s why it’s so important to have a daily practice that you do no matter what you are working on. My thing is that I make one of these blackout poems every day. I just do it every day, no matter what. It gets me in the zone. Then, from there, I can work on different things.  

My “thing” for my Oklahoma State sports blog is what I’ve dubbed the “Bullets.” A roundup of OSU stories from around the web. From there I get ideas from posts and plan out my day. It’s my, as Kleon called it, “launching pad.”