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The shortest distance between you and success is humor

Photo via John Ragai (Flickr)

Photo via John Ragai (Flickr)

Everybody does the news.

Buzzfeed does the news, the NYT does the news, your micro local site does the news far better than an individual can do the news.

That doesn’t mean, as a blogger, that you shouldn’t do the news. It just means that you can’t only do the news.

Here’s the deal. Writing and blogging is a news-driven (or more specifically, interest-driven industry). Folks read about the stuff they’re interested in and ignore the rest.

With everybody doing the news — even at the most micro level possible — you have to either be more creative or more funny.

Creative is really, really hard. Especially if all you have is a regular old blog. Funny, though? You can do funny.

If you can do the news in a funny way even slightly better than everybody else does the news regularly, you win.