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The Read-Aloud Family Notes

I recently stumbled across a book called the Read-Aloud Family. It’s intriguing so far, and I’ll probably be posting quotes from it on here intermittently. Here are three that hit me early on.

Trelease advocates reading aloud to kids especially when they can read for themselves. He goes so far as to say that if teachers and parents experience a shortage of time and can’t fit in reading aloud, they should “steal [time] from other subjects that are not as essential as reading, which includes pretty much everything else.”2

Read-Aloud Family


So as a mother and as a writer, let me urge you to read to them, read to them, read to them. For if we are careless in the matter of nourishing the imagination, the world will pay for it. The world already has.  -Katherine Paterson, A Sense of Wonder

Read-Aloud Family

I read aloud to my kids because I know that my years with them are short. Because I long for a deep, soulful, real connection with each of them. And because I hardly want to spend these precious years waiting for the walrus, missing every ant moment while I wait. When my head hits the pillow each night, I want to know that I have done the one most important thing: I have fostered warm, happy memories and created lifelong bonds with my kids—even when the rest of life feels hard.

Read-Aloud Family