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The problem with trying to be an ordinary Christian

I loved this from Tim Challies on being an “ordinary Christian.”

“I still want to wear a label. I have learned that when I say I am ordinary, I am sometimes actually bragging and maybe even hoping that people will respond to my statement with some kind of a correction—’Oh, no, you’re not. Not you.’ That does something to me that my heart quite enjoys.”

The I still want to wear a label part really tinged my heart for some reason. I love wearing labels, I think. Challies continues.

“I’m realizing that somehow I still want to be a big deal—an ordinary big deal, as if that makes any sense. I want to be ordinary by my own assessment, but special by other people’s.”

There is so much pride to be found in claiming one’s self as “ordinary” — I don’t even know why, but I know it’s there, for me anyway.