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The love of words

I relate so much to this from Tim Challies on words.

I love words. Words are like molten glass, raw material just waiting to be gathered, to be rolled and blown upon, to be formed and contoured, to be transformed to a finished work of art.

Words are the very best kind of raw material. Words are my favorite art form and I indulge my passion with these amateurish attempts to imitate the true artisans. But the greater joy by far is reading a great book.

It is in those great works that I stand in the art gallery, see the artist at his craft, wonder at his skill, and marvel at his mastery of his medium. This is where I see the true master at his craft. (Challies)

Words are what I love as well and when someone can put them together in a way that challenges my worldview or, as Matt Chandler puts it, stirs my affections for Jesus, I find joy.