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The art of (only) writing

Photo via Angie Garrett on Flickr.

Photo via Angie Garrett on Flickr.

Blogging is so many different things. Connecting the dots, linking to other folks, videos, photos, and the list goes on.

But without words none of it matters. Without words none of it gets pushed forward into the content it eventually becomes. Words tie everything up and send it into the ether.

On Wednesday I had a couple of afternoon errands to run about 20 minutes from my house. I was trying to line them all up so I could bang them out without having to wait or go back home because I’m a fan of efficiency.

I couldn’t so I found myself with a pair of 40-minute empty time blocks. Not really enough time to return home but what to do?

I pulled into a Starbucks during one of them and sorted my email. During the other one I pulled into an empty parking lot and sat there and wrote on my phone. Banged out 400 words in about 15 minutes.

At the time I was sort of irritated that my errands weren’t lining up but now? I’m grateful they didn’t.

The reason is that I was liberated by how little I was distracted in writing on my phone. This seems like a strange thing, I admit, I’m usually trying to get away from my phone.

When writing a blog post, though, I didn’t have time to insert links and get photos — I made notes where those should go later — I just…wrote.

As soon as I was done I wanted to crank out another post. And another and another. It was why I started blogging to begin with.

The other thing this forced me to do, I realized, is to go back and edit everything. Those links I missed, I have to insert them. Those photos that aren’t there, I have to post them. My disdain for inefficiency is only surpassed by my disdain for editing so it’s probably a good thing when I have a system in place that forces me to edit.

I’m back at my computer now — the typing is much easier. No links or videos or photos, though, and my Twitter app is definitely off.