Stuff I learned

Surprising your future self

In preparing for the 2014 Oklahoma State football season I realized I needed to go back and rank all the uniform combinations OSU had worn over the last three years for some content I was working on.

I wasn’t looking forward to the work I would need to do and the research I would have to put in to doing this. It was going to be a pain.

Then I remembered I’d put together a partial list this time last year in Evernote so I went searching for it and when I found it I realized I’d actually put the entire list together as the season wore on last year.

It was already complete! I just had to add a little bit of content around it but that surprise to my future self from last year was something I’m not used to.

I’m an awful planner of content so stuff like this rarely happens but when it does I realize how much more often I should do it.