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Outsource everything

Okay, don’t outsource everything but outsource everything you aren’t elite at which should be close to everything.

One of my biggest regrets over the course of the last few years is how many hundreds of hours I’ve spent trying to hone things that aren’t my craft.

I’d try to design t-shirts or make logos or build websites instead of just paying the couple hundred dollars to somebody to do it for me and focusing my energy on refining my craft — blogging, writing.

That’s the opportunity cost I so often speak of and I’ve ignored it in my own life which is a deflating thing to consider.

I think a lot of it has to do with being scared of The Work. With being afraid of just sitting down and banging out the work. Maybe it’s just laziness.

Whatever it is, I think what separates the best entrepreneurs with the other entrepreneurs is a complete understanding of this topic.

I’m still learning.