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Long Runways

Here’s something that’s important when you’re building or creating or drawing: Give yourself a long runway.

What I mean by that is that I think folks try to put their work into buckets which is a fine thing but it’s not a fine thing when those buckets are only 15 minutes big.

Give yourself a runway of time away from the world, away from Twitter, away from the noise, and just start building.

The good stuff exists but it’s deeper than you’re originally willing to go. Warm up with some reading and go from there. Do some writing, walk around a little bit, think.

Really think.

Don’t go away until you’ve exhausted yourself, either. Keep digging and you’ll find what you’re looking for but you can’t fragment your day and expect to deliver what your followers want.

I give myself four hours in the morning and two in the afternoon locked away from the noise, just my own little world of creating. I have a buddy who’s a terrific graphic designer and he told me the other day he seeks solitude because he can’t find the goods unless he’s been underwater for a while.

That’s how this thing works. Everyone has something inside of them and you’ll be rewarded for putting in the time, and mostly lots of it at once.