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General View Of The Press Building During The Setup Of The 1971 Masters Tournament

My name is Kyle Porter and I am a sportswriter — golf, college football and college basketball for now. This blog is a collection of things I love and things I think I’m thinking.

It is a way for me to hold myself accountable to a continual spirit of learning, working ideas, thoughts and theories out and an opportunity for you to take a peek at those if you want.

It is a collection of all the things I wish I would have known and all the things I’m glad I learned about God, words, writing and a myriad of other things.

It is, as Tony Reinke once put it, a digital corkboard for myself. Seth Godin has said the practice of telling himself the truth in public every day is legit itself invaluable. He would pay for it.

I would too.

I work from home, am working on plans for a backyard office and I get to write about sports for a living. It is as close to a dream career as one can have, I think.

But as Kobe Bryant once said, what I do is not who I am. I love and follow Jesus Christ above all else and am dearly in love with my wife of nearly five years and our two kids.

I grew up a privileged white kid with everything I could ever want at my disposal. I played baseball (not that well), went to college at Oklahoma State and then did what any good privileged white male does after college: Went to more college!

After that I did what any hard-working, ladder-climbing MBA graduate does. I started my own sports blog and eventually quit my full-time job in marketing to write about Tiger Woods golf.

I’m not sure what lies before me but I can say I’m grateful for what’s in my wake.

My wife and I are passionate advocates of foster care and adoption and lovers of reading and NPR. My brother has a pretty well-known podcast. My sister was a star athlete. My kids aren’t as cool as their grandparents think they are.

This blog, though. I started it because I love words and ideas and I wanted to collect them and push them forward somewhere online. I have outlets for golf ideas and words as well as football and basketball ones and sometimes even life-transforming ones.

But this place is for the rest of them.

It’s a blog about cutting into the art of writing and idea-making on the web and it will be peppered with reformed theology, book reviews and other stuff I find interesting.

Here are a few of the places you can find me…

CBS Sports

Pistols Firing

The Village Church

Our Marriage Project

I also do some freelance contract work if you’re interested in a John Piper-loving golf writer who values the corner three and an active library card above most things in life.

Contact: kyle dot goodwin dot porter at gmail dot com

As always — remember to honor the craft.