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How Shantanu Starick went 23 months without spending a dime

I’m a huge fan of the bartering method — even if it is probably a tad idealistic — so I loved this video about how a world photographer went nearly two years without making or spending a dime.

The “aha!” moment for me was when he said the following:

“The work environment changed (when he stopped dealing in money). It was no longer a contract and a client. It wasn’t even close.

It wasn’t two parties thinking about time and money because they didn’t apply anymore. The barriers came down and what you’re left with is an interaction with people.”

It’s a powerful thing to think about stripping away time and money from the way you trade your professional craft.

As Starick put it, they just have to make a little bit more of what they already make to provide for you. And you just have to bring your work.