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How blogs actually work

I liked this honesty from Tim Challies in an old interview with Matt Perman (What’s Best Next) on how most blogs (mine included) actually happen:

“Most days I sit down at my computer at 8 AM and just see what happens…After a couple of days of ruminating I find that the words tend to come quite easily.

“Occasionally when the muse is speaking I will sit down and write out several posts at once. But far more often I write and post all at the same time. I’m not nearly as organized as some might think.

“But I find this adds to the immediacy, freshness and honesty of the blog. What I’m thinking today I’m writing about today. Or that’s the hope.”


I especially like that last part and I hope it’s not a copout on not planning well. I think of it like this:

When I call a friend to discuss a game or event, I don’t plan ahead and do a bunch of research — I just give my unfettered thoughts in the moment.

This works especially well for sports blogs and, if you’re well-versed enough in your given industry, probably all blogs.