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Having Great Warmth in Your Home

Guy Yocom of Golf Digest didn’t set out to write about homes or community or warmth, but one line in this fabulously-written piece about Johnny Miller stood out to me. It’s something I want to be said of me and my family and our home.

Johnny typically answered the door wearing jeans, a golf shirt and loafers with no socks. Once inside, his wife, Linda, frequently made tuna sandwiches. He always asked about my family. There is great warmth in his home. All kinds of amazing golf bric-a-brac littered his houses. I’d pick up a driver resting in the corner and he’d say, “That’s the one Arnold Palmer used in the 1975 Ryder Cup.” Or, “That sand wedge you’re holding, that’s the one Billy Casper used when he won the 1966 U.S. Open at Olympic.” He’d waggle them while he dispensed hot takes, homespun advice and unusual views on everything. [Golf Digest]

There is great warmth in his home. 

What a line. What a thing to aspire to.