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Don’t let the world dictate your efficiency

There are a book’s worth of things I like better about writing and blogging at home for a living than I did about going to an office job and working for a nice, smart company for a living.

Chief among those might be the efficiency with which I get paid.

Before, at my office job, I got paid for hours. I was physically in a certain place for a certain number of hours and in exchange for that my bank account was padded every two weeks or twice a month or whatever it was.

Now, I get paid for work. I dictate the terms. I make less money but I also am required to physically be in a specific location for a lot fewer hours than I used to be.

To me, that tradeoff is priceless.

Don’t confuse how much money is worth with how much time is worth.

And don’t let the world dictate¬†your work rules.