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Capturing ideas is sometimes harder than creating them

I found this interview on Runners World with Matthew Inman who created The Oatmeal and something he said about content creation is something I’ve struggled with a lot.

“The majority of my comics are written in my head while I run. I find when brainstorming ideas, if I focus really hard trying to come up with something I wind up empty-handed.”

“If I focus on something else, however, such as running, showering, or even having a conversation, I find that those ideas will spring up. The tough part is getting them down on paper before they disappear back into the ether of my brain.”

Evernote is a terrific tool but it’s kind of hard to Evernote and run on the treadmill at the same time. There’s always the opportunity to stop but that’s annoying because I want to get my work out in — that’s what I’m there for!

I’m not sure what the answer is (and Inman doesn’t elaborate) but I suppose it’s also a good problem to have.