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All the interesting stuff I read this week

The Pickpocket’s Tale (NYT)

Two couples, one mortgage (The Atlantic)

I learned about a thing called Reading Pack from this which I think I’m going to try out for a while. (Pocket Blog)

While narratives change a lot, people tend to remain the same, and I would wager that the only thing about LeBron James that has changed since The Decision back in 2010 is that he now knows precisely what kind of horseshit sports fans and sportswriters want, and how to deliver that horseshit. (Deadspin)

Six ways your phone is changing you (Desiring God)[1. Gonna walk off that back-to-back Deadspin/Desiring God one-two combo.]

The older I get the more I enjoy AP stories and one-on-one interviews. (Jeff Pearlman)