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All the interesting stuff I read this week

The inventor of the floppy disk has more than 3,000 patents to his name, and he says that the closer he is to death, the more creative he gets. (Fast Company)

We are awash in great storytelling. And most of it is being given away for free. (Longreads)

Your phone dies like a drowning victim while you’re in the midst of it (whatever it is loses importance), the dotted fading circle as its last breath. You are alone on the highway. You have now dropped down into your gut. (Medium)

I knew I had to make movies too. My set would be our house. My supporting cast would be stuffed animals, a plastic giraffe named Sophie, and a 25-pound cat. My star, my muse, and my co-director would be my 3-month-old son. (Slate)

Sleep as a competitive advantage. (New York Times)