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100 things I learned from starting a blog

And the hill I’ll die on.

Photo via vintagedept on Flickr.
Photo via vintagedept on Flickr.

I started blogging — and by blogging I mean doing it every day — a little over four years ago.

In that time I’ve written over 7,000 posts, transitioned into a job that pays me to blog full time (!), and made countless mistakes.

There aren’t a lot of hills I’ll die on but “starting a blog on something is the best way to learn about that something” is one of them.

Actually I’m not sure that’s a hill. Maybe a fistful of sand, but my blood will be splattered.

Seth Godin recently said the practice of telling himself the truth in public every day is legit itself invaluable. He would pay for it.

I would too.

With that I’d like to kick off a series (possibly a year-long series) entitled “100 things I learned from starting a blog.”

Technically everything on this blog I probably learned from starting a blog but a lot of it is just quotes I collected or instruction from other people.

These 100 things will be things I specifically learned from starting my blog — things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

Plant your flags accordingly.